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I've followed him enough

I've done extensive research on more than a dozen of these so-called free energy, over unity devices. They all promise so much and deliver exactly nothing provable. YOU find the proof that it operates as described. From what I've read and seen, all he does is quote new mystical levels of magnetism and other strange phenomena using terms not found anywhere else in science. Why can't he just build the damn thing? Why can't he say "you put in x kilowatts and get y kilowatts out"? Why does he have to go into all the conspiracy crap about executive orders suppressing the technology? Because he's just like the rest. He's got nothing.

Until even one of these is proven to work, they all belong in the same category. This is not about politics, corruption or suppression. Basic science dictates proof of any claim before popping the cork.

And don't go stating that I'm trying to kill it off. You won't find anyone more hopeful that something will change our current energy monopoly than me. I even spent the last decade putting together what I believe to be the best system possible. Fortunately, it works so we're in the funding stage now.