Comment: I don't see what you find objectionable.

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I don't see what you find objectionable.

This applies whether or not you think we are created by god or nature.

We exist don't we?

"On another level, if I hack into your computer and become the only
person who can exercise direct control over the operating system of
your computer, do I become its owner? I mean to me you are simply re-
stating the possession argument, and if possession implied ownership
then their are no tenants or thieves."

You were not the first to use the computer so you didn't homestead rights to it, nor was the property legitimately transfered to you by the owner, so it is not rightfully your property and you have stolen it.

I'm not restating the possession argument, you overlooked the word "first" in my argument.

I also made it clear I was talking about homesteading, when I used the word 'homesteaded'.

There are only three just ways to obtain property, through homesteading previously unowned property, through sale or gift by the previous owner, or inheritance.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard