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I don't care if I...

don't know you from adam or I've known you for all of my life.

Ignorance or skirting the issue IS what it IS.

Again, your well worn tactic of attacking the messenger is lame, at best. I see that you have no desire to address the fact that I proved you wrong. You have no desire to say Mr. Icke is on to something by pointing out the rothschild dynasty. No, you want to make it all about me. Well, it isn't about me, my little puppet.

Its about the unvarnished truth. Those websites you mention, I have no idea of what they are. Apparently, however, you do.

If you think that exposing the red shield and all of their cohorts is a "nuisance and distraction" then you are on the wrong site!

I pity you.

Full disclosure: actually, I do believe I have, before, linked to a story on abovetopsecret. I found it interesting and truthful.

I've seen your name here for a long time. I have just one word for you...SUBSCRIBE!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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