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Strange Logic

You said:
"Nobody......absolutely nobody can, or will come to God unless God Himself draws that person to Himself."

That clearly indicates that (you believe)nobody can proactively devolop a relationship with God unless God himself draws that person to himself.

Which makes your last statement (below) a cruel joke for those who God has chosen NOT to draw himself nearer to. Only a minority of Athesists that I'm aware of were always non-believers. Most were brought up in the faith that was popular in their family so its safe to assume that they would have "sought his face" and "called upon the name of the lord" at some point.(probably many points) To what do you attribute a large section of the population being unable to communicate or experience the salvation of christ?

"For those of you who are on the fence about this, don't wait another day to seek His face and call upon the name of the Lord to forgive you all yours sins and pray He draw you unto Himself and save you in Christ's precious name."

An excellent podcast/interview with a former christian radio personality who "let go of God" is at the link below. Both his parents were theologians. He says in one part of the interview that people sometimes tell him he must not have REALLY been a christian if he can now be an atheist...but like so many former believers...he says if I wasn't a christian...nobody is. Its worth listening to if the truth is what you genuinely are after. Almost without exception, people of faith only CLAIM to be desirous of the truth when in fact they choose to believe in the exsistence of a God...against all contrary evidence. However, I do understand the discomfort of accepting reality. I'm 50 and was active in church until about 5 years ago. It took me about 6 months to finally allow myself to be free from the chains of religion. It took my wife almost a year. If I had any idea how much my life would change for the better...I would have considered it sooner. Unfortunantly I had been convinced that questioning God meant that "the devil" or "evil" was entering my soul. It all seems so silly now...but thats how I was taught from a very early age. lol!

Oh well, I love everyone here "in liberty". Thats what liberty is all about...the freedom to be individuals and believe whatever we want to believe.

Podcast below if anyone is intersted.

Link Named:
Frankly Faithless: Stefan Molyneux interviews “The Thinking Atheist”