Comment: There is no problem with Self Ownership!

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There is no problem with Self Ownership!

As has been pointed out, localism and libertarianism are not mutually exclusive. That one could theoretically live in any number of localized isms, as stated at the end of the post, makes the discussion and comparison of localism to libertarianism and self ownership irrelevant. Someone had to say it.

As for the argument of self ownership, so what if God owns me? How do I know if I am acting or if God is acting through me? How do I know if I am speaking or if God is speaking through me? How does anyone know? They don't! So as far as human beings interact with each other it is an irrelevant point. If one human being harms another who pays the consequences? Is it the man or God? Who can tell?

The bottom line is that the human being, in society, is the one who visibly suffers and pays the consequences and is considered to be the responsible owner of his actions. So as far as whether one has true self ownership or is "owned" by God is another irrelevant question as it relates to libertarianism.

Lastly, if one is indeed owned by God, any action he may take that harmes himself or places him at a disadvantage is a matter between himself and his owner: God. No one else is involved, nor do they have the right to be.

There is no problem with self ownership.

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