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Actually, the only thing a

Actually, the only thing a groundswell on voting day is going ot do is to ligitimize an illigitimate government; they are still goin gto rigg the election, but they will then have the consent of the governed. Currently they only get about 30 to 40 percent of registered voters to participate: thereby making the entire government illigitimate. If, however, you were to increats that number to 51% or more, then there would be no stopping them from doin ganything and everything, because they would then have the consent of the governed.

Also, if you need a revolution to reform the government every so many years, then why have a government; it obviously doesn't work the way people like you think it will. Mr. Franklin said,

... a Republic if you can keep it.

Which basically means if the people don't keep the republic -which I certainly hope you can agree that we no longer have the Republic anymore- then the individuals are screwed. He never said anything about getting the power back if the Republic is lost, because that requires a revolution; since tyrants aren't going to just give-up power because people like you say so.