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You clearly are not paying

You clearly are not paying attention to the legal system. DAs don't even prosecute Cops who murder individuals, and Judges toss out evidence which incriminate police officers. These are the people you think are going to help you; you can't be serious. When was the last time any politician was ever removed from power due to any of the charges you listed there? When was the last time andy politician ever faced charges at all? What about police officers; when was the last time a police officer was treated (via the justice system) the same as if he were a ordinary person?

I'm sorry to tell you, but the entire Justice System protects its own; they are in no way going to do any of the things you think they will do for you. The reason is; because they don't have to. The police officers are not directly hired by the people, the ADAs are not directly hired by the people, and the Judges serve a lifetime commitment in most cases or are appointed by a politician. Very few places are Judges elected by the people. Therefore, there is no Wrath which you -as an ordinary individual- can make them face directly and therefore there is no leverage to force them to do the right thing. So as long as the police, ADAs, Judges, and Politicians look-out for each-other, then there is nothing which you can do about it. There is no one to appeal to who isn't also doing the very same thing to protect themselves.

Therefore, your ideas of a quite revolution are long since over. There are two options left: Violent Revolution, or Leave it Collapse.