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Ship went off course

You are correct that our Constitution failed to prevent the enemy combatants of We the People from hijacking our federal government, but that is because the Constitution wasn't followed. For instance, the Constitution authorizes a Navy but prohibits a standing Army. In other words, the U.S. military is supposed to be relegated to floating islands (ships), and never touch U.S. soil. Compare and contrast this to Bilderberg Steering Committee member and Ron Paul bankroller Peter Thiel who says that libertarians should be relegated to man-made floating islands. The Marines were created as a subdivision of the Navy to worm around the prohibition of ground troops. The reference to the militia in the Second Amendment is because there is not supposed to be a standing Army. Nobody is going to invade a nation of 300 million gun owners, and the Founding Fathers were way ahead of President Eisenhower in realizing the dangers of the military-industrial complex. The Constitution gives Congress, NOT the so-called "free" market of Ron Paul, the sole power to issue money and credit. The Federal Reserve Act took that power away from Congress and gave it to privately-owned foreign banks.