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Utter nonsense. Rights don't

Utter nonsense. Rights don't come from gods. If they did, then how come they can be taken from and taken back by men? Rights are won on the battlefield. Period. I don't recall any accounts of Jesus killing Redcoats.

I appreciate your desire for debait, but you position is based on ideas that aren't true. You very much can have rights without the help of divine monarchy. Natural Rights, like every other philosophical concept; both good and bad are products of the human mind. Some like natural rights are born of reason and others like you silly cosmic King come from fear and ignorance of those who cannot handle that we don't have all the answers, and who must invent superstitious nonsense to explain the world around them.

You can force you religion on me by force, yes, but you would have to be a tyrant to do it. Because of that, you would be acting illegally by our standard of natural law. We would be justified in revolting and killing you and your theocracy by right of self defense.

Even if there was god or wizard or whatever nonsense you want to buy into; and it was assumed that natural law was some high level spell that only he could cast on humans, then self ownership would still be the law since in order to force atheists to subscribe to the concept, the principal of the law would immediately be broken. Self ownership is the highest provable claim on an individual which does not require the initiation of illegal force to secure.

The philosophy of liberty and the 3 pillars which define it will cease to exist when all of us who believe in them are dead and all written record are gone. They will return only when someone thinks them up again. This philosophy will only become "rights" when enough collectivists who oppose then are dead or defeated politically so that there is no one left who can block them. Your god has no part to play in it save to be a mental opiate used to keep up the morale of those who require it.