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My right to speak my mind is

My right to speak my mind is inherent in the fact that I'm alive; and not because some people 200+ years ago decided to acknowledge my ability to speak my mind. Also, that 200+ year old document hasn't really done much to protect any of the other 9 amendments in the Bill Of Rights has it?

How are you going to fight in anyway meaningful: you do realize that voting is rigged, right? You also should recognize that the Justice System protects its own, so they aren't going to be removing people from office or positions of power, because you -as and ordinary individual- have zero power over those who would be charged with executing such actions. You do not elect -even if voting wasn't rigged- ADAs, you do not hire police officers, and most judges are either appointed for life, appoint by politicians, or are elected -however the vote would be rigged anyway. Police officers won' arrest County/State/Federal Attorneys, Judges, Politicians, and the Attorneys wont prosecute the Police officers, Judges, or Politicians, and the Judges on the instances where the case was so haneous that it had to go to court, the Judges will throwout vital evidence which would convict the Police officers, Attorneys, Politicians, or Judges.

It is a self contained system, which you have no control over. So, how exactly do you think you are going to change it?