Comment: For those who've held public office...

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For those who've held public office...

I'd like to hear only from those who've held public office, any public office (including local board or appointed positions): is Rand's approach opening more people's minds to liberty and the Constitution, even compared to Ron's approach? Does Rand's approach win enough votes to get people elected to higher office than Representative in Congress?

I ask for responses from public office holders because I know how easy it is for people who've never been in the same situations that Rand and Ron have been -- in committees and public office -- and then be publicly questioned and held responsible by the media and the public for their votes and statements, with their reputation on the line. Only people who've held office, any office, really know what works and what doesn't in actual legislative or executive public positions.

We forget that Ron was never able to be elected beyond his Congressional District -- not for US Senate in 1984, not for President the 3 times he ran for that -- while Rand was able to be elected to the US Senate his first time out. Yes, his father helped in his campaign, I'm not claiming that "he won that campaign all on his own" (although they were voting for Rand not Ron), I'm just comparing the messaging and actual policy differences between them. Realize that Ron wasn't even able to win the majority of his Congressional District's Presidential Primary votes, though they re-elected him to the House 11 times.

While you may think those re-elections were only because Ron was so constitutionally consistent and uncompromising, perhaps the people of his district also liked his earmarks for projects in the district and his staff's ability to help constituents get other things owed to them by the government and of course preferred him over the other Congressional Candidates (especially the Democrat).

We can have a hypothetical debate about whether Rand's approach WILL work if he runs for President, but is it possible that Rand has already achieved wider electoral success than his father -- Senator (of a 6-district state) vs Representative of one district.

Just those of us who have held public office: is Rand's approach more successful than Ron's?