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Thanks to what you consider

Thanks to what you consider an non-evil government, we have(had) Slavery, The Alien and Sedition Act, The 1st Bank of the US, The 2nd Bank of the US, The Party System (1854), The Civil War, Government Sponsoured Railroads, The Killing of almost all of the Bison, The Parks department, The Federal Reserve, WWI, WWII, Vaporizing of innocent civilian in Japan, The Cold War, The Instances in Iran, Korea, Vietnam, etc. I seriously hope I don't need to include all of it, because I missed plenty of stuff. I certainly hope you get the idea.

But if you think that it all was worthwile, then that is on you; but seriously -the peice of paper which is called- the Constitution is incapable of focing government to follow it -it is not its fault, it is only a peice of paper- and the people had and have no interest in forcing the government to abide by the Constitution with the ultimate threat being death, so the Government realized it could do whatever the hell it wanted and nobody would do anything. Now, that the voting is nearly 100% controlled, the people don't even have voting as an option, but the government still has authority to do whatever the hell it wants while the people have no recourse what so ever.

Since we know that in time people will quite voting for one reason or another, it is evil to saddle them with a government which will eventually enslave them. An Anarchist system would force them -think tough love- to take a more hands-on approach to protecting their "rights," and thereby limiting the very need of a government to zero. Obviously this wouldn't be immediately, however, if protecting peoples freedom is what one ultimately wants, then anarchism is the best way to accomplish that.