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It appears there are two problems to be dealt with

The first is the rapid rise in the stock values as the dollar value plummets. This can be (and is now) foreseen and planned for as we're trying to do now.

The second is the question of what will happen when it becomes no longer viable. Will they re-monetize gold? If so, we should be converting wealth to gold. Would they install another fiat such as the SDR? If so, gold might simply be of the same value (in purchasing terms) as it is now. (Maybe plus a bit) Would they institute a digital currency that only they control? If so and depending on how they go about it, we could get screwed. Sure the back room deals will allow the big players to sell their gold for fair value but that's not likely in our levels of the game.

My best guess is still very murky but I have the feeling that only hard assets like productive businesses, rare art, land and similar things are a definite guarantee.