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Comment: Excerpt from Gary North's review of this documentary...

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Excerpt from Gary North's review of this documentary...


This documentary is intellectually appalling. Sadly, Mr. Bowers raised the money to produce it. Once again, we see a well-meaning fundamentalist who does not know what he is talking about raise a pile of money to convey a misleading analysis of a continuing problem -- statist humanism -- and get it wrong.

He has focused our attention on a non-issue: American Communism. He has ignored the fundamental battle: between humanist state power and private initiative. He mentions this at the end of the video with respect to private education (he favors this) and environmentalism (he opposes this). But the battle today has nothing to do with American Communism. It never did.

American Communism is a red herring. (Sorry. I could not resist.)

Liberals in 1955 said that conservatives saw a Communist under every bed. That was true of a lot of conservatives in 1955.

There were hardly any Communists under beds in America in 1955. It was not the Commies under the bed who were the problem in 1955. It was Congress, the executive bureaucrats, the Supreme Court under Earl Warren, the Federal Reserve System, and the tax-funded schools. They were all in bed with the American Establishment. Anti-Communist conservatives spent too much time looking under the bed in 1955. The real action was under the covers.

This remains the problem. Judge Roberts has replaced Warren. He ratified Obamacare. It's still the same old story.

Agenda got the story wrong.

This leads me to my as yet-unanswered question: "How do Christians with good intentions and no sense get the money to produce expensive schlock for Jesus?"

I wish it would stop. It won't.

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