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Glen Beck thinks, or at least

Glen Beck thinks, or at least says, that he "woke up" already. I don't see enough of a difference in thinking from Beck 2013 compared to Beck 2008, so I would encourage people who care about Beck's opinions to call in to his show and try persuading him or his audience themselves, instead of just being "armchair quarterbacks" from afar.

Learning is a continual process and wise people find that total wisdom and knowledge aren't "arrived at" in one moment, but continually improved on over a lifetime. Beck doesn't concern me, I watched this clip to see what Rand would say, since he's a US Senator whose campaign I supported (financially and rhetorically). Speculating from afar on whether someone is "awake" or not isn't as helpful as doing what you can to inform them or others in the audience.

If I cared about Beck's opinions I would call his show and make the basic point that the government's policy is not identical and interchangeable with the opinions of the people of the country, be it America or Israel. That is the basic mistake in his thinking on "the issue of Israel" or anything else he talked about here. Perhaps he would distinguish the difference between government economic policy or federal reserve monetary policy as different than the opinion of "the American people". That may be how to show that disagreement with government policy isn't identical with being "anti-America" or "anti-Israel", whether Beck hears it or not, listeners in the audience may be worth trying to reach.

Like I said, those who care about Beck's opinions could try that; I don't care so much and have plenty on my plate to do in the various party, organizational and neighborhood office positions I hold to bother with calling into Beck's show.