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Your Argument is False!

"Who could argue with that?  Lot's of decent people, once you apply that absolute to some sticky situations.  An example might be whether a man who got a woman pregnant had any obligation to pay child support.   Insisting someone share the bill for national defense, or anything else with "free rider" issues, might be another example."

Your argument fails right here, if a women risks getting pregnant without a contract/covenant by a man that he will be responsible if she becomes pregnant then it is her responsibility if he does not do the right thing. It's called personal responsibility. Bringing government force to bear to make up for your irresponsibility is not a right.

As for national defense again your argument fails stealing someones money or substance in the name of national defense has lead to a host of illegal unjust wars for corporate and bankster interest and millions dead. No thanks I'll decide for myself when I will support mutual defense when there is real danger.

"If you think about it, it's really hard to make the case that we "own ourselves."  We did not create ourselves.  We did not determine when or where we entered this world, and we do not get to decide whether or not we get to stay in this world."

No its not if you think about it what you are saying is we were forced to come here and had no choice. Do you really believe that? If you do and you believe in God than God is an evil dictator that forces people to do things against their will. I don't believe that for a minute everything is a choice. You chose to come here your mother may have created your original body but you chose to inhabit it and you recreate it daily since birth. The essence that is the real you that animates the body recreates the body daily so yes you own it and are responsible for it. Some one else made your car but you took ownership of it and are responsible for keeping it in good working order just as you are for your body. It sounds to me like you want to abdicate your responsibility to God and use that to justify trampling the rights of others.

" Each day a thousand things we cannot control in the heavens and on earth are necessary to sustain our lives."

Each day a thousands of things we cannot control are necessary for me to drive my car like weather gasoline prices war, oxygen etc. but I still own my car.

"Though we might live 100 years, still our destiny is a slow fade in this life as we begin our journey to the next.   We can dye our hair, but we cannot really turn even one hair of our head white or black.     Self-ownership does not seem a rational position."

We cannot keep our cars for aging and wearing out either but we still own them. Self ownership is the only rational position! We made a decision/contract to come here for a specific time we own the vehicle we use to house our essence/spirit while we are here just like we own a certain car for a specific period of time.

"A much better case for "self-ownership" can be made in any eternal afterlife that might exist.    There it might be argued that our place of entry is determined by our own choices, that the being we have become is the result of our own choices."

Again you assume we had no choice when we came here. Why would we be "forced" to come to a world full of choices? Do you not see the irony? It makes no sense but that we came from a world of choices and chose to come into this world too to further who we are by choosing to come here. What makes you think our previous choices did not determine our ability to then make the choice to come here?

"And the condition [the after life] would be, unlike this world, permanent"

Why do you assume that? How do you know that it would be permanent? Your previous life before you came here was not permanent. Do you really think the short time you spend here will determine the rest of your life in eternity? That makes no sense whatsoever

"In this life, if God exists, we can only be as children in the womb, preparing for the next life but no more "sovereign" in this one than children yet unborn."

Why is that and who or what is God? You assume unborn children do not exist before they are born into this life when they do their bodies/vehicles for this life may not exist yet but you are not your body anymore then you are the car you drive. What power/essence animates the body when a child is born? Did this power/entity not exist and come into being out of nothing? If it did then it defies all of creation for nothing comes into being from nothing. All matter/atoms/quarks exist for all eternity and cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed into different arrangements.

"The concept of personal sovereignty, in the absolute sense Libertarians present it, implies individuals get to determine their own morality (except for the few absolutes they attempt to impose such as the conditions under which force might be used).   Again, measured against the vast scale of the cosmos, the enormity of time which has passed in all ages, and the value of wisdom which has endured for generations before us, the idea that the four pounds of grey matter in our skulls can be the final arbiter of right and wrong, even for ourselves, seems ridiculous"

What's ridiculous is this false argument. Everyone determines their own morality period there is no other way. If we do not who does? If you say God does the individual still decides determines if he will adopt any moral philosophy he will follow. Determining ones own morality does not exclude the wisdom of the ages. One is free to ignore it or learn from it. Libertarians simply draw the line at harming others. If you chose to harm others as part of you morality or lack there of you violate the non aggression principle and violate inherent rights. No harm no crime is the basis of all law. The very idea that you should give away you sovereignty to others or some collective has lead to the deaths of millions by governments and dictators alike. It is pure insanity to think it otherwise.

"States and localities would, retaining their right to sanction moral behavior such as mandating child support.  But let them be careful how they use such power!"

Sigh! Hows that worked out for us? Its amazing to me anyone would even argue for this non-sense after centuries of government abuse... You would bring government force to bear against people instead of just letting people know they are responsible for their actions and who they decide to have sex with and the possible consequences of doing so. What you advocate feeds irresponsibility yeah no worries the government will take care of it for me whether it's abortion or child support etc. You haven't the first clue about freedom. Here's is a hint it requires personal responsibility and people suffering the consequences of their actions for it to work in society. Just like anything the more government intervenes the worse things get and the more we get of what ever we are trying to prevent...

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