Comment: Being as how these "free

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Being as how these "free

Being as how these "free energy" breakthroughs that make "today's military useless" haven't actually created free energy or made today's military useless.

Let's look at this "space ship" program big claim: It shot down two U.S. drones.

...Um...a group of engineers just announced they'd figured out how to disable a drone with no mystic "free energy" and no "space ships" from a garage for about $7,500 worth of satellite jamming equipment.

Weird, how they didn't need faster-than-light travel, nuclear gravity-magnetic field plasma science, or advanced medical treatment for the terminally ill to do so. Really weird how any thinking person would conflate the three of these with Iran shooting down drones.

Goodness gracious, MikeF-whatever, are you even reading the illogical drivel you're passing along?