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For a start see my post above

Its not hip or cool in our culture as a whole to manufacture outrage over this stuff. Yes the DP is supposed to be different, but at the end of the day we live in the world we live in. The reality is the news here is driven by sites like LRC, Drudge, and infowars, plus Rand Paul is the hot topic. Place like or that cover this stuff sit on the side lines.

The other side of it and the biggest reason why is; this guy is guilty of naming one name to a reporter. And he is one of many whistle blowers that are getting the shaft. Obama is worse than bush on whistle blowers. Also he gets to spend 30 months in jail.

Bradley Manning, has been in jail for 1000 days already and hasn't even finished his trial. Bradley Manning, started the uprisings in the Arab world called the Arab spring. Manning's leak was the largest leak in the history of the world. Credit card companies stopped funding wikileaks, amazon quit hosting wikileaks, and the government has put Julian assange in prison...All of it with out any laws passed or courts or even real police action. That is perhaps the greatest chilling of first amendment rights in anyone's recent memory.

Manning represents something much more and over shadows the rest of the whistle blower heroes.