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Comment: The Curse of the Black Pearl Bailey

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The Curse of the Black Pearl Bailey

The Constitution sank because its captain and crew started drilling holes in its hull as soon as it left port. The compromise on slavery was a cancer. Had the slaves been given their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, slavery would not have lasted very long. But then "Doctor" Lincoln came along with a "cure" that killed the patient -- conscription (involuntary servitude to the State), the income tax, and the obliteration of State sovereignty. The first Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Jay, acknowledged the right of a jury to nullify any law their Representatives passed, thus completing the circle of the balance of power. But today if you mention jury nullification, the judge will not let you serve as a juror. So all governments have failed. Why then are corporations so successful? Many corporations are richer than many nations. They have a charter, their shareholders elect a Board of Directors, who elect a CEO and a President and Vice-President, who appoint officers. If an anarchist holds that governments should be banned, then does an anarchist also hold that corporations should be banned?