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Not reality, but conditioning


Sex ed for kindergarteners in MA has become reading books like "King and King" to the class -in which two kings decide to marry each other and kiss in the book. They get packets sent home saying it's okay to have families with two mommies and two daddies. If a parent insists on opting their child out, or even being notified ahead of time that these things will be discussed in the classroom, they will get hauled off to jail (google David Parker). And now MA is going to be including transgenderism into school culture. Students who identify as the other sex can start using bathrooms and locker rooms for the sex they "identify" with. This education they are talking about has nothing to do with safety or telling children what they "need" to know. This is conditioning children from a really young age to be accepting of homosexual/transgender behavior.

This is why my kids will never set foot in a public school

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