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Two small points...

1. Your talk of an "ultimate goal" is quite interesting. In my view, one of the deepest and greatest difficulties in constructing a sustainable form of society is in recognizing that different people will have different ultimate goals. At least it would be a great virtue in society to allow the possibility that people with different ultimate goals can get along.

As long as you are looking for a unified answer to the question, "What is the ultimate goal of anarchy?" I can imagine that you are going to be disappointed. On the other hand, you could recognize that some form of anarchy is one of the only possibilities allowing diverse answers to that question.

Put another way, as long as you expect a unified answer to the question "What is the ultimate goal?" (of anything), you might as well pound your head into a wall. What is the ultimate goal of tyranny?

2. I have suggested several times, specific courses of action to create small sustainable communities and "take over" counties. My suggestions were extremely specific and practical. Carrying them out is not necessarily easy, but there's nothing magic in them. And people are doing it. We're not just waiting for the global collapse, but we're preparing for it.