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Mises Wiki:

"fiat money is in a wider sense any money declared to be legal tender by government fiat (ie law). In the narrower sense used here, fiat money is an intrinsically useless good used as a means of payment and a storable object."

The important ECONOMIC distinction of fiat money is that it is an INTRINSICALLY USELESS GOOD used as a means of payment and a storable object.

The key is distinguishing COMMODITY money from FIAT money. Commodities are intrinsically useful outside any use as money. Fiat money has zero intrinsic usefulness outside of use as a currency. Both commodity money and fiat can be declared by the Govt as the only valid money.

Bitcoin has zero intrinsic usefulness outside use as a means of exchange or as a storable object, Bitcoin is not a commodity (usefulness outside use for exchange [see Menger on how money is NOT a true commodity].

Bitcoin matches the Mises Wiki definition of "fiat" perfectly. Commodities are wealth (intrinsic usefulness - see Bastiat "What is money?"). Bitcoins are NOT wealth.

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