Comment: Bitcoin freaks...

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Bitcoin freaks...

talk down to buyers of gold, silver and other real commodities (real wealth). Go figure.

You said:

"Bitcoins is far more superior than dollars."

Really??? On what empirical foundations do you base such a statement?

Markets require price stability of a currency in order for borrowing and lending to occur. If the price of a currency is going up then lenders don't want to lend and if the price is dropping then borrowers don't want to borrow.

Bitcoins have shown nothing but HYPER-REACTIONARY responses to any change in activity level. Where is the bitcoin-based finance market? Where has it EVER existed?

Bitcoin is NOT a currency. It is a speculative craze-based investment that has been front-loaded towards early miners. A hybrid ponzi/pyramid scheme. Period.

The best analogous description of bitcoin is "amway cult"...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~