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The ultimate goal I referred to...

was an extrapolation derived from previous comments made by supporters of anarchy. It wasn't my intent to pin down one agreed upon ultimate goal. My reply was to an anarchist who questioned my notion of anarchist society, and the question was framed in a way that implied an agreed upon notion of anarchist society that I didn't understand.

My intent was to frame what could be the end result of global anarchy in a positive light. My conclusion was based on the idea that anarchist societies reject coercion as a means to an end, and morality exists in those societies but moral choices are voluntary, and education would be used as a non coercive means to promote voluntary moral behavior.

Apparently I've overlooked your suggestions regarding specific courses of action to create sustainable communities and take over counties. I apologize for that. But please refresh my memory and explain the suggested course of action because in a discussion of limited government vs. anarchy, this is very important. Thank you. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)