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The former Treasurer, as long as they have the books, are responsible for the books and the filing, and the fines.. I should get the books at the next meeting, and that is not good enough, I need more than the books, so what I will be proposing at the next meeting is that the treasurer is accountable for all fines and not the committee. That should do it, and I should get that vote passed, even if she passes me the books.. we still have things to do and while she may want to avoid me and not care is that messes things up thinking this new group can pay the fines SHE is incuring, she is wrong.

I have to say, at this point, I do feel like I'm supposed to be here and God is with me. My hotel neightbors were up into the wee hours partying, and some are half my age, drinking way to much, and it's funny.. they like the parties and all, but the rest is so frigging boring, it's hard for them.. So I've been thinking maybe what I could do on DP is have clases on Roberts Rules of Order, or something that empowers and inspires folks.

Yeah, (((((((Nonna))))))) I broke the ice in a BIG way last night.. I set the CA GOP free to talk about cannabis, and they are so happy.. amazing. Truely Amazing (the only one not really ahppy was Chuck DeVore, but I figure it's because he's in TX now) LOL.