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Here is why.

The bible is one big allegory. The god of the old testament is not the Creator. The old testament, among a few other things, is symbolic of man, you, me, everyone who has lived and ever will live, operating in the lower conciousness. Or using the cerebellum to be specific. Our animal brain. The one that lusts, murders etc. That is why the OT comes across as so violent. It is man.

The new testament shows man operating in the higher conscious or cerebrum. The sacred oils have ascended up the spine and the pineal gland is activated. That is what the character Jesus meant whenever he talked about the single eye or lamp. He is referring to the pineal gland. The bible is about you and your inner workings mostly. The four gospels are a trip around the zodiac from different starting points by the way.

The reason the Roman Empire created the church was to control this information and people. They spun everything into literal characters. Most everyone still believes the lie even today. Rome was mudering people for saying what I said above, not for believing in "Jesus" the literal.

So I can fully understand why you doubt the "official story" of Rome. It is good that you do. You are much further ahead than anyone who goes to church.