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Bit(ch) coins and FRN are all

Bit(ch) coins and FRN are all born from the same scam, and I can't help noticing you always try and value your Bit(ch) coin in Federal Reserve Notes.

You shouldn't be able to buy ANYTHING with a FRN or Bit(CH) coins. I don't trade something for nothing, and the fact that you're promising Bit(ch) coins will be worth even more in the future doesn't make them a store of value, it demonstrates that you believe the scam will offer you profit based on demand, not stored value.

It's like a pyramid scheme, the only value you can create or store is the value created by the victims of your scam, and eventually people stop traders with scammers like you, so you will lose everything, because that's what a Bit(ch) coin represents; NOTHING.