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Comment: Libertarian?

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Have you read their manifesto?

Take a look at "The five planned long-term programmes" listed under "The Economy: Jobs, Enterprise & Skills" it reads like another New Deal:

1) A 10-year enhanced defence equipment
programme with an additional £4bn p.a. on
top of the currently-budgeted £8bn p.a.

2) A 25-year programme of building nuclear
power stations that will provide Britain with
50% of its future electricity demand. This will
cost on average of £3.5bn p.a.

3) A comprehensive programme of flood
protection and coastal defences to cost £30bn
over 10 years. Some 25% of this money would
be spent on highly-exportable pump valves
and control equipment.

4) A transport investment programme centred
on high-speed rail lines, reopened railways,
new bypasses, road improvements and port and
airport links. The lion’s share of this investment
would go to British-based firms.

5) A prison building programme with a
particular emphasis on modern off-site
manufacture. This programme will be structured
so that British manufacturing firms are
well placed to win a substantial share of the
systems and components work.

Would they be an improvement over the others? Possibly but I don't expect too much.

The one good thing that would be gained by electing UKIP - in my opinion - is that it could begin the process toward succession from the EUSSR nightmare.