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on what ground?

It's not centrally controlled
It put power in the hands of the people and takes it out of the hands of central bankers
Governments have not been able to regulate it
You dont pay taxes on purchases
Low to no transaction cost
Constantly audited
It mimics a gold standard
It's value appreciates instead of depreciates
It cant be manipulated by inflation

I could continue but I think that's enough to shut you up.

Obviously Bitcoins is a currency. Your just being intellectually dishonest. People use it everyday to transact. No one is talking down gold and Silver, I own plenty of it. I would advise that everyone buy physical gold and silver. What I'm doing is talking down the dollar. The Green pieces of paper you worship.

I get it, your Ben Bernankes bit(ch) and you have been assigned to talk down Bitcoins.