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Like I said, you are a liar

Like I said, you are a liar and a scammer, just like all the other Bit(ch) Coin traders. (and of course you're an Anarchist. Birds of a feather flock together.)

Show me where I advocate using FRN. Can't?

Oh that's right, you are a pathetic scammer and a liar. You shouldn't be able to trade ANYTHING for a FRN or a bit(ch) coin, and for the same reason, they represent NOTHING, and I don't trade something for nothing, and that's what makes you a scammer; you want to scam people by trading nothing for something, and thus profit off that scam. The more victims you scam, and the more profit you make, so here you are; selling the scam.

Justice is coming for you, and like I said, I'll be laughing my ass off when it does, and for guys like you, losing your money isn't justice enough. You should lose your liberty.

You should be thrown in prison, just as I advocate justice be served on those who operate the fiat slave trade using FRN.