Comment: Wrong culprit but strategy correct.

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Wrong culprit but strategy correct.

I will have to take issue with the use of the word 'Communism' in the post. Communism with a capital 'C' was a movement and party where socialism was implemented top down. The word communism (small c) is defined as the means of production and all property being owned by society. Socialism is the means of production owned by society. Neither of these two ideas were ever fully implemented. They were Marx' ideas. But in his defense he never advocated a 'vanguard party' transitioning the populace which resulted in all of the bloodshed. He naively thought the masses would do it on their own and that the system would work. Actual communism has rarely been tried outside of families and kibbutz'. Mao attempted it during the Great Leap Forward to the detriment of the lives of 18-45 million in two short years.

I do think the poster is right in the rest of his theory. Although I think the group initiating the cultural destruction is an ethnic group.

The following video goes in-depth into the motives, names, and examples of the strategy and tactics.

Jewish Destruction of Western Culture