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Wow, really?

How delusional are you man? The "scam" debate has been shredded a long time ago... Bitcoins are worth what they are because PEOPLE place that value on them.

To me, you sound like someone who is angry at himself for not understanding the technology, and wants everyone else to reject it so you don't feel inferior.

The "I say you should lose your liberty" comment tells us you probably have no business being here in the first place. No one is putting a gun to peoples heads forcing them to buy bitcoins. They are buying them because they have VALUE to that individual. For you to suggest someone should lose their liberty over this or that SHOWS US that you have no idea what Liberty is in the first place. That its endowed by our creator, and is an unalienable right that cannot be taken away. Its ok though, its normal for us to attack something we dont understand. But by attacking points that have been debated by folks more informed than us, just shows the lack of willingness to understand in the first place.

All in all you seem like a very negative and angry little person, and probably have issues in your life that reflect that; funny how angry, negative people always have some drama going on in their lives.

Anyways, you can sit there and stew, and get angry and call it a scam all you want, but the fact of the matter is that bitcoins are going to continue to rise in not only price but popularity as more people begin to use and understand them.