Comment: I posted a topic relavent to this yesterday

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I posted a topic relavent to this yesterday

Clam down a bit guys. I don't think they should be spraying either, but this planet is more resilient than you think. I think soon mother nature will push back for the harm being done, but it wont be anything like what they are describing in the above video.

Listen to this interview, it should teach you everything you would need to know, then watch the above video again.

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It's an interview with Dr. Michael Coffman, a 25yr ecosystem analyst, who was on the Global Warming/Acid Rain team in the late 80's. He started his own lobby groups now to do his best to disprove global warming propaganda through facts.

It's on a Christian radio show, if the non-Christians can make it through a little Christianity talkin for 30mins, he talks about negative feedback pretty close to the beginning.

If you go far enough they start talking about the UN trying to destroy American property rights.

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