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I found something

That link is new to me. I started reading it, and I picked it to be worthy of note since the information includes a reference to game theory.

You can scoff, or you can inspect, and if you have any questions as to what the person is speaking about, then you can look into it yourself, or you can ask someone, even me, for help.

Here is very good link on the specific type of game theory known as The Prisoner's Dilemma.

Before I link this applet be advised that my cousin tried the link and his software on his computer warned him of an attack by virus, or something, but I've checked mine and I think the problem is a Java script requirement that may have to be downloaded. The concept is explained in English, and Math, and there is a visual illustration of how the math works with that missing Java script dependent Applet - it is worth viewing in my opinion.

On the question of how hard, or how easy, it is to subjugate the otherwise Liberated targets (potential "tax payers") there is this:

That helps address the question of how the Icelandic Commonwealth (or any Free Market government) is crushed from within and from without.

Edit: From my reading the Icelandic Commonwealth reported in that link defines a Free Market government in much the same was as the Democratic Federated Republic exemplified under The Articles of Confederation here in American between 1776 and 1788, before Central Bank (Counter Revolutionary) Powers (The "Federalist") took over.