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Fair isn't a victim of the majority.

If we all were murdered, who would say that was "fair and square?" I think there is an inner compass that tells us certain universal truths and inclines us to seek after good. I would call that conscience. In some it is more highly developed by disposition, thought, habits, etc.

So when controversialchick says: "...I made up my mind long ago that even if God WAS a brutal authoritarian, I would serve Him--if He was true," I take pause. I think that is a dangerous sentiment. I believe that our hearts are "programmed" to seek love and truth, because we are the children and creation of a loving, true God. When we deeply and instinctively recoil at brutality and slavery I think that is an indication that it is at odds with us and our Creator. I find it incredible that some people knowingly serve a "god" that is vicious and inhumane. Either (A) the god would be misinterpreted by the creature; or (B) the creature is worshipping out of servile fear. If the later is the case, then there would be absolutely no hope for liberty in this life, because it would mean nothing to someone already compromised by their god.

This conversation is entirely on point within this effort to restore true liberty and justice in our country. It is unavoidably contentious. But I think that if someone comes to post their convictions, it should not be seen as an act of aggression, but rather, one of confidence and camaraderie. Who seriously talks religion with anyone but their best friends?