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I would like to hear more...

about agorism as a means to achieve freedom.

It's misleading to suggest that a piece of paper could prevent the people who form monopolies from stealing, killing and growing. It's the will of the people who support codified laws (pieces of paper)that makes it possible to limit the power of public and private sector monopolies. King George III had given the British East Indies Company a monopoly on the tea trade. This monopoly was used to unjustly extract wealth from the colonists, which in part, led to the American Revolution. So armed rebellion is one means to limit monopoly, although I don't believe it's a viable option at this time. A viable option would be reinstating the laws that limited corporations and government after the Revolution.

After the Revolution, corporations remained small institutions chartered at the state level for specific purposes. By law, corporations could not make political contributions, could not own stock in other companies, were required to serve the public interest, and could only exist for a limited time. Owners were responsible for criminal acts committed by the corporation and the doctrine of limited liability (shielding investors from responsibility for harm and loss caused by the corporation) did not yet exist. In the late 1800's, John D. Rockefeller led efforts to change laws requiring corporate owners to serve the public interest and be responsible for criminal acts. Rockefeller also said "competition is a sin".

So in conclusion, it's not the piece of paper that limits the power of public and private monopolies, it's the will of the people who support the laws that regulate monopolies. Reinstating post Revolutionary laws that limit the power of monopolies will require a ground swell of grass roots support like that which made the American Revolution possible. Thomas Paine used media to light fires in the minds of men, this helped build public support for throwing off the king's yoke of tyranny. Today, this same strategy can be used to place limits on the people who've created tyrannical monopolies. You can find more details about this in the pdf file titled "Knowledge is Power" and other posts at my website. A brief version can be found at this DP link. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)