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can they read The Law ?? by Bastiat. They should be reading what the kids in college are not reading.

Not just The Law. maybe a few books of the law, a few books of something else, some 17th century literature... get a smorgasbord of books and throw them on the table.... you don't have to be the main top-down planner... can you get them interested in reading for the sole pleasure of it?

because how many hours are you allotted each class? if they can read for 3 hours undisturbed, if you have that time-section of class, then they should be reading some heavy stuff.

tell them about the calculus derivatives. show them how easy some are, when you subtract the exponents. they need a confusing medley of stuff right now, and not everything is going to pique everyone's interest at the same time.

that is why you need a lot of books, different books. but you can start on 10 people, at least, with The Law by Basitat.