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I am tired of the "control" excuse for organized Reigion ...

Has anyone ever thought this arguement through? If you take the teachings of Jesus and His church seriously, it becomes obvious that state control, tyranny, and dictatorship is in direct opposition to the Christian Faith. The church teaches that the one who exalts himself on earth will be humbled, and the humble will be exalted in Heaven. How about love your neighbor as yourself,or give alms to the poor, or go to your room and pray in private rather than pray for all to see. Or thou shalt not kill, commit adultery, covet your neighbors goods or wife, and thou shalt not slander or bear false witness against thy neighbor? A nation that promotes these teachings is trying to control the people? hmmmmm, this doesn't sound like evil leaders of Rome to me. And if it was "Rome's" plan to use Christianity to control their people, why did they kill them for the first 300 years and martyr them with horrible deaths??? This soudns more like the attacks of Satan to squelch a growing truth that cannot be killed by killing the human body, because the soul lives on, and Christians know this truth and will continue to promote it.
And if you look at the benefits of the "organized church" (BTW, would you prefer a disorganized church o religion?) there are thousands of hospitals, orphanges, schools, soup kitchen's, thrift stores, all organized by the Catholic and Protestant churches that are truly helping the plight of man on earth. How many hospitals have the Atheist's started? How many Muslim hospitals are there? God says you will know the true believers by their fruit. Please use this for your judgement of "organized" religion before you condemn it.
Organization of the Ron Paul movement, where the leaderrs were able to accomplish this feat, is what made it more successful, and the disorganization snd internal dissent is what has weakened our movement.