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I understand you perfectly Anarchist.

"They believe that law, security, and defense services are best left to the market, and that the state is immoral and unnecessary as a coercive monopoly provider of law, security, and defense services."

I understand you perfectly Anarchist. You want a free market of collective violence, goon squads and a free range for warlords to buy and trade collective violence to serve their self interest.

You are WORTHLESS to liberty, less than worthless; a detriment. Lost in the fact that you condemn the use of collective force (government) as opposed toAnarchy is the fact that you want to be able use collective force to rule through Anarchy replacing debate and consent (government) with your wallet.

If you want to use collective violence; pick up a gun you pathetic tin soldier. Do your own dirty work and try to eliminate what stands between you and what you unjustly hope to destroy; government.

Just remember, when you try; you will face justice. People will be acting justly when they meet your goon squads and warlords with violence, and that's really the only thing you Anarchists are interested in, a clean slate to use collective violence to take what you unjustly want; power.

The days where you little destroyers plaugue the liberty movement are quickly coming to an end, and when you show your faces in public, you'll experience another kind of justice, but a form just as legitimate as any law.

When your goal is to destroy, you will be destroyed. So grab your black mask and your little black flag, hit the streets, and try to serve your agenda. Just don't say you weren't warned.