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Vital work

"So, when the Amish appear at my door asking for transportation…wanting to buy it, but me not selling, because truly, if I were doing it for money, I don’t think I would enjoy it near as much…but that being said, I could hand them some kind of ride voucher that when I pick them up, they return it to me with the number of hours they will pledge to me in effort?"

To me, not knowing the situation, it would be the Amish that sell you money for you to then spend on the privilege of giving them a ride here and there, since you are gaining something otherwise you would not make yourself available.

You have to work it out, I'm not there, I don't know the specifics, and we are not speaking about charity as a commodity or service for trade when we are speaking about money, or we can if we want, but why confuse charity with trading commodities, or services?

It has been said that human beings have, can, and will coexist without money, and I agree, but meanwhile there are people who do need specific information inspiring them to produce specific things demanded by other people, so money, competitive money, ideal money, offers that information for reaching toward that goal.



I want to earn a living.


Where do I start?

What do people want?

I think they want Tomatoes in Jars.

I have an idea.

What is it?

Print Tomato Jar Money and see if anyone will buy it?

"Personally, I am not comfortable at all in naming my wage. That is half the trouble."

OK, I have to raise my hand in the classroom, waving it around vigorously, pick me, pick me, teacher, pick me, I'm raising my hand.

Note: I used to do that in class, and the teacher left me waving until exhaustion, not wanting my viewpoints disturbing the class - I suppose.

I got the message.

On naming your wage, I see a problem, since I never did that either, and I spent my life in wage labor. There is no point to it, the price is dictated by a scarcity of legal monopoly money flowing only to those special subsidies where the labor force can be perpetually abundant relative to the demand for labor. Were anyone afforded access to money (see Equitable Commerce) there would be an opposite situation whereby the demand for labor was abundant and the supply of labor scarce, and in that situation then you would have the power to name your price.

"Personally, I am not comfortable at all in naming my wage. That is half the trouble."

No such power exists when labor is scarce relative to the demand for it, so why bother doing something meaningless?

There are cases, I'm sure, where someone somewhere is very specialized at a specific job and that one individual is demanded by the employer and therefore the one individual has "leverage" in this regard; otherwise there are thousands of replacements in the labor bin whenever one laborer dares to compete in price fixing.

Labor Unions come in two forms too: genuine and counterfeit.

"And then the other concern is perhaps the steady stream of Amish that may appear at my door all of which I could not help even for exchange of time."

When generosity is the regulating principle, the mode of conduct, things work out, and that is not the subject matter with Equitable Commerce.

Equitable Commerce is not counterfeit, it is equitable, and it is not generosity. What is half way between theft and gift?

“The idea that somehow I'm doing this, at least enabling it with my taxes is disturbing. Worse yet is that I'm doing nothing towards stopping it. What can one do, aside from throw one's body on the gears of the machine?“

Here is the battle between socialism and legal crime exactly.

One person can't defend everyone. People have to collectivize all their defensive power at once, or people will be picked off like baby sheep, sick sheep, and old sheep on the edges of the herd, but it is much worse than that since we are human, not sheep.

The best and brightest are being taken first by those of us who wear those sheep suits covered with wolves costumes covered with another sheep suit, covering a lion costume, covering a cheap suit, covered with a robe, covered with a very good suit from a very expensive suit maker, covered with blood, covered with mirrors, covered with smoke, covered with lies that grow exponentially larger in size and absurdity.

We can agree to defend ourselves, and you can call that collectivism, or you can call it an agreement to defend ourselves, and whichever does happen, either way, defies the words used to get from here to there.

Human sheep are slaughtered until none are left.

Humans, more than one at a time, throw our bodies into the gears of the machine, effectively.

End The FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not in little bitty pieces)
Do so by July 4th, sooner is better, too late is too late.

"One can join the Liberty Day Challenge. I wonder if people could figure out how to trade coupons on the DP…or perhaps in their own communities?"

If I could sell knowledge coupons, would anyone buy one? What is this Forum Topic?

Many people figure out ways to throw their bodies in the machine and that ought to be recognized, for example my other cousin told me about how their business community had to form a barter association, I was visiting at the time, and I can only speak about these things to the limit of the demand for them, so I was not able to explain, in detail, how Equitable Commerce works - so much better than barter.

Barter works - it is still costly - better than enforced scarcity of money.

"“Submitted by Mark Twain on Wed, 02/27/2013 - 16:31. Permalink"

Investors invest, it is all speculation, unless you have inside knowledge, like a casino that alters the rules in their favor, then it is fraud, it is crime at that point. World War III is crime, as high a crime as can be, including treason.


“The charges in the indictment that the defendants planned and waged aggressive war are charges of the utmost gravity. War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”


"The World Wars lead the world community to pledge that “never again” would anything similar occur. But the shocking acts of the Nazis were not isolated incidents, which we have since consigned to history. Hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of people have been murdered in, among others, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Chile, the Philippines, the Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, Iraq, Indonesia, East Timor, El Salvador, Burundi, Argentina, Somalia, Chad, Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the second half of the past century.(2) But what is possibly even sadder is that we, meaning the world community, have witnessed these massacres passively and stood idle and inactive. The result is that in almost every case in history, the dictator/president/head of state/military/leader responsible for carrying out these atrocities – despite in Nuremberg – has escaped punishment, justice and even censure."



They know they are criminals and they even confess.

They do?

Can't you read?

Oh my God! (in vain?)


May God have mercy on our souls.

"It is funny. It is as if so much of what you have said to me all these months has gone over my head without me even knowing it. Or perhaps I was too busy learning other things from you that some of the things I didn’t quite understand I let go."

So you watch a video like the one offered by John Taylor Gatto and the group that call themselves Tragedy and Home and you say, that sounds familiar, and you do so because you have my help, but you do so because you are persist in intolerance of lies. That to me is a saving of grace - to borrow a phrase.

When Gatto reports a message about how it took years to figure something out, I thing that that sounds familiar.

When pieces fit, suddenly the room that was dark fills with light, but you have to open the door to get in the room.

We are killing dragons, finding the keys, and opening doors that I already have found the light switches, turning on the lights, and I see you in the room, with your rose colored glasses on, and those glasses are blinders, not glasses.

At least when you do take the glasses off, now, you don't immediately put them back on and chastise me for asking you to take them off, to take a peek past those blinders.

"I am wondering if perhaps an answer to MN’s quandary of paying for our own demise answered in simplistic explanation of how to create one’s own currency might help some of us who have never thought along those lines."

Who is MN?

Sure, competitive money, even Utah Gold money, turns off Legal Crime, where people then have a choice. It is that simple.

"The Liberty Day Challenge is a Challenge, but maybe some of us need step by step help."

Common Law (no more federal tax liabilities, and redeeming in lawful money)
Utah Sovereign State money (11 other states follow, then more)
Personal coupons as money
Bitcoin (paypal was taken over so Bitcoin can too, but lessons were learned with paypal I'm sure, on both ends: Liberty and Legal Crime)

All that can work toward a move from Legal Crime back to a Federation, which is anarchy in a true sense, because it moves from Legal Crime Monopoly to Free Market Government choices, it is not false anarchy which is a nebulous human condition where everyone, everywhere, are criminals running amok (Legal Crime).

Anarchy was once explained as "no rulers", not "no rules".

"I guess what I am saying is that even though I read Equitable Commerce earlier and even though I have signed on in spirit to the Liberty Day Challenge, it was not until I came to understand that the Amish are not liking my free services, that perhaps I can create my own trade currency with them. Perhaps it would catch on. I don’t know."

I passed over that first report by you of that specific idea you have in mind, and to me you should focus your remaining power in that direction, it is a perfect fit, you can exemplify equity in commerce, where charity can still be charity, and where no one is passing on costs to you, or you to them, and no one feels bad about anything. You might find all your time being used up running an equitable taxi service, and you may find the Amish scratching their heads wondering why they are being taught a lesson about charity by you, not the other way around.

"Maybe a step by step in how to create your own currency would be a topic that would gain currency? Maybe some of us need a leader to complete the challenge?"

I can help, but the leader is in the mirror. Step by step sounds great.

Tell me if I have this Amish Taxi Service Idea correct, please.

You want to help more Amish people travel from here to there but you are running out of power, your vehicle is depreciating, fuel costs, etc.

If you can figure out a way to cover costs, then you can help more Amish people, and they, presumably, have something that they have, that you can get, so as to cover those mounting costs.

Does that scratch the surface?