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Comment: This happens almost everyday now with me. MY STORY...

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This happens almost everyday now with me. MY STORY...

my first semester of law school NOBODY would every talk about this.

my third semester of law school my friend and I dressed as kings of hearts, wore masks, and let off balloons in the atrium with a banner full of hundreds of pamphlets that floated up to the ceiling, must have been a good hundred balloons we almost died carrying in the truck there ;)

People started talking after that about the anti-war balloon guys, nobody mentioned the depth of the pamphlet though... however possibly in side-conversation.

It is my last semester in law school and within the first week random classmates have mentioned Eugenics, Austrian Economics being better than keynesianism, Agenda 21, Ron Paul, libertarianism, IN LAW SCHOOL I SHlT YOU NOT.

The lesson of my story is that if you stay true to your self and follow through with your ideas (NO MATTER THE ABSURDITY) then you can change the discussion in the environment around you....

in fact, sometimes the more shocking the better.... MAKE IT FUNNY, SUCK IT UP, AND WALK THE WALK!!!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.