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I have believed for a while

I have believed for a while that Mark Hanson as well as FreedomsReigning are both trolls. They seem to be trying to discredit Dr. Paul and thereby disenfranchise Constitution Conservatives from associating with Dr. Paul and his supports, by indicating that Dr. Paul is a lier for calling himself a Constitutional Conservative as apposed to an Anarchist.

Everytime either one of them or one of us makes a comment, the Post gets brought back out of obscurity, thereby enabling more people to see the posters interperitation of the truth and associate it with Dr. Paul. Thereby, discrediting Dr. Paul and his supporters. This is why Neither Mark nor Freedoms ever make a coherent argument, nor do they ever even attempt to look into any evidence presented to them. They just ignore evidence and then claim that no evidence exists to support Anarchism. When the reality is that the evidence which they give to support minarchism would be considered damning -and not very supportive- in a court of public oppinion.

They are not thick headed, they know exactly what they are doing. It is why Mark changed the title of his post and even some of the wording of it; since he originally posted it.