Comment: Do We Still Even Need Public Schools? - HELL NO!!!

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Do We Still Even Need Public Schools? - HELL NO!!!

I am a public high school teacher of 4 years. So this is very close to my heart.

After being in the public school, seeing how the school culture affects the kids, their ability to answer or find the importance in any question, how it corrupts their values and they are left WITHOUT ANY VALUES apart from "looking good" for the opposite sex by being funny, or dressing provocatively, and how children and adults alike end up dishonestly calling this fiasco VIRTUOUS.

I feel especially sorry for the kids that can't even recognize the system as abusive... They defend the system! Poor kids.

I have had some kids that just jump around the campus trying to avoid bully sessions, and ask me to seat them away from the kids that discuss drugs and partying all class.

And we FORCE THIS ON PEOPLE! And fine adults or threaten jail time to people that try to escape; then STEAL their tax dollars while we force them to take what they don't want. It just makes me sick.

And these kids won't even be able to protect themselves from this type of abuse; because they don't even recognize it as abuse, or have the desire or ability to think about the most important topics critically.

My heart goes out to the poor kids, the victims.