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What we need

are a voting populace that know the opinions and mind set as well as the morals of the representatives they send to Washington, or any other office. If they get it wrong, they vote it right the next opportunity.

I thnk we are waking up to the fraud at all levels, the curtain of secrecy-no transparency and out and out lies from the top down to many of our states. If it's important and it's on MSM, it bears researching. We think fascism can't happen in our wonderful country, but wait much longer to do something about it, and we will not be able to stop it...if we still can.

Go to your town and village meetings, call your representatives to state and federal numbers too big to ignore...NOW.

And JoshArizona is right, our government is not protecting our Life, Liberty, and Property. It is taking it away-it is their "Agenda".