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My proposed solution

I would like to see schooling transferred to an independent teacher model.

Many states have an education budget that translates into about $7,000 per student per year. So, in a classroom of 20 students, that's $140,000 per year. It's sad that we can't really turn out better educated students for that figure. Under the independent teacher model, you do away with "school districts" and instead, each teacher gets a license as an individual educational institution. Each teacher sets up their own place of business where they will teach, they will decide which grade they will teach, etc. Multiple teachers can arrange with each other to locate their businesses in mutually agreeable areas such as 5 teachers who teach 5 different grades might decide to have their businesses in the same office building.

The $7,000 or whatever each state budgets per pupil would go to the particular teacher and they use that for their business operations. Now, a teacher with 20 students would have $140,000 to spend on an office, on supplies, their salaries, and any support staff that they choose.

This system would allow parents to choose individual teachers as opposed to just schools. Each teacher can have their educational stats posted such as their professional background, recent proficiency results, parental feedback, etc. Right now, I have a choice of one public school and they decide what teacher my child gets. Under this proposal, there might be 20 different teachers who offer educational services at the desired grade level I need for my child and I can evaluate each one of them. Teachers wouldn't belong to a union but instead are in business for themselves. Teachers that do great work would naturally have full classrooms and make good money as parents try to get their kids into that teacher's class. Teachers that suck would see mostly empty classrooms and would eventually be unable to stay in business.

Also, since teachers would have free reign to locate their business in any suitable location, you wouldn't have facilities that are housing thousands of children that are just ripe for the latest pharmaceutical nutjob. Education would be de-centralized.