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I agree with you. What the heck.

I agree with you. What the heck.

Can't we see a prototype somewhere? Where's the proof of concept?

Which scientific domains does Keshe's "Free Energy"(?) encompass exactly? Mechanics? electro magnetism? chemistry? electronics?

What are the measurable, objective metrics in inputs, outputs, losses, cost of manufacture?

We're talking about energy, here, folks - not sociology, economics, or poetry.

What are the facts, observations, experiments, models? What the scientific community has to say about it? Or the competition? Or investors?

It all looks fuzzy and mysterious.

Who cares the guy is from Iran?

We just want to see Keshe's "Free Energy" actually working with a tractable explanation of why it works, and how scalable it provably is.

And that ought to be as experimentally verifiable as 1 + 2 = 3 can be to anyone provided with our state of knowledge prior to Keshe's findings - if any.

This is just engineering and doesn't bring anything new to science, but I had the idea of a model-driven CODE GENERATOR (*) once. At some point I talked about my ideas years ago to whomever would listen, but as interesting as they had seemed on my good faith, those ideas were absolutely WORTHLESS to anybody until I finally took the time for a PoC - that's the very minimum one can expect:

Beware of wishful PSEUDO-science and claims, folks.

Besides the light from our sun, enabling the life forms we know on this planet, NOTHING else ever comes "for free".

(*) (to build software using a factory that can save the writing of dozens of thousands lines of code or more, time/money costly if written by hand)

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