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Read A Damn Book!

"Occupy Wall Street was just an anarchist front"

You keep demonstrating that you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what Anarcho-Capitalism is.

You just keep making yourself look even more ignorant and uninformed.

I mean how fucking hard is it to pick up a book and actually learn what your opponents believe?

Multiple AnCaps have told you that you are not accurately presenting our views, that means what it means, you have no idea what we actually believe.

You can continue to make an ass of yourself, or you can actually gain an understanding of what we believe.

I urge you to do the latter, here is 'For A New Liberty' by Murray Rothbard, absolutely free, in .pdf format for you to read:

Don't feel like reading? Well here it is in audio format:

If you don't feel its worth your time to learn, then please shut the fuck up and refrain from arguing about a subject you have no clue about.

Thank you.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard