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But even if there is a god,

But even if there is a god, and even if he's the fellow who invented rights, so what? You say rights come to us by god. Big deal, they are taken from us by men. Seeing as men have the power to dominate and destroy those human rights that your god invented, what does it matter who invented them? When they are gone, they are gone. That means god given rights are every bit as arbitrary and fleeing as those dreamed up by human reason. No matter their origin, they must be won on the battlefield and kept through vigiliant defense by us.

I don't see how the origin, be it magical fairy-tale creatures or the human mind makes any differance whatsoever. I would however point out that you wouldn't be the first person on earth to assert that your particular belief system is sanctioned by a god. At least I know that what I believe is just that... a belief that is fragile and can be taken if not defended. I hold no illusions that magic beings with super-powers are going to defend my rights.

I would argue only that there is no proovable claim of ownership of a human's life greater than his own. Therefore, wether you believe in god or do not, if you wish to have law based on free choice rather than coersion, gods cannot be the highest claim to our lives legally. You can submit your own ownership claim to your magic king, but you cannot submit mine without force which I would rebel against. This is why "self" ownership is one of the 3 pillars of individualism. Without it, the boat don't float.