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Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Good for you, setting a brushfire!

You might want to check out The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, devoted to countering the current state of affairs by promoting principles of liberty on college campuses. This includes but is not limited to support of undergrads up against what you've experienced. (While preserving trad'l values, one of their six principles, might not always match a libertarian perspective, you'll see from all their resources that that is not the primary focus of the group.)

They have a great book catalogue. You might want to get yourself on their mailing list (no charge). One offering is a recommended "Core Curriculum," a guide for undergrads to assure themselves a worthy curriculum through selection of key courses w/in their major and also via electives; there is a general guide and also specific guides (about $6 each) for each discipline, including Economics:

Unrelated to undergrads, per se, here are some general book titles re Economics:

Also, ISI members can avail themselves of many resources, such as these on Economics:

I first came across the ISI because of its wonderful guide to colleges. Every parent of teenagers here at the DP should get a copy! (I read ours cover to cover.)
I then contacted them when I joined the tea party. I wanted to promote the college guide at our events. Also, they worked with me to recommend some core books re liberty principles and offered a discounted group rate for a reading group we were starting. They're really nice people to work with.

P.S. They also have a great on-line "civics test!"

Again, thanks for speaking up!

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