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Why add

$50 - $100? All you do is multiply by 3% - 5% then add it to the total. Right now a roll of dimes is at $103.37 If you factor in a 5% premium it is only $108.54, and at 3% it is $106.48.

Now if you make a large purchase in person you can always negotiate the premium. If you bought 20 rolls of dimes it would run you $2067.48. Factor in the 5% premium and the total comes to $2170.85, a difference of $103 give or take a few cents, but again you can talk the premium down a couple % and only pay a $62 dollar difference from spot.

Premiums do suck, but the people who sell are in it to make money. They buy and sell when ever a customer wants to buy or sell. They gotta make a profit at both the highs and lows and the premium is where they are guaranteed to make money.

Look at it this way, if there wasn't a premium, what do you think coin dealers would do? Most likely they would only sell at the highs, and at the lows they would just hold onto it until they could sell at a better price, which would drive the price up because of the lack of supply.

Premiums are a necessary burden imo.

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